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So secure even we can't see it.

The TriggerBox is designed to maximize security to help safeguard sensitive data that is uploaded and stored on our platform. From the time the file leaves your device until it is delivered we take many steps to ensure it is delivered and viewed only by those you intended.

Our security practices go above and beyond what other cloud storage companies provide by utilizing both industry leading techniques as well as internal processes. Your data is so secure even we can't see it.

security in transit
security at rest
Security Highlights:

Your data is secured at rest by both AES-256 bit encryption as well as unidentifiable filenames to further remove any chance someone might see the file


Our systems are housed in industry leading data centers and further protected by firewalls and routinely updated with the latest security patches


After you have uploaded a file and set it to be delivered with a trigger only the designated recipients can view the file - not even you can view it giving you extra protection in case your account is compromised


Your data is safe even from us - our administrators cannot view any files uploaded and stored in our system

Security Tip

You can further protect your data and privacy by ensuring your password is strong by creating a password with at least 8 characters and select at least one capital letter and one symbol.