With Digital Key Triggers from TriggerBox,
you can grant select access to your
content with digital keys.

Need to give someone temporary, transparent access to your financials or other accounts? No problem.

Think of it like the combination to a padlock. To grant access, just select your recipient — or Key Holder — and send them a Digital Key Trigger.

You can designate more than one Key Holder per box, and you can require any or all digital keys to unlock the content within TriggerBox’s secure platform.

What’s more? You’ll immediately know when any keyholders accessed your information.

Use Key Triggers for:

Temporarily granting document, password, or financial account access to friends and loved ones in case of emergency


Planning your estate by securely saving and granting access to essential documents or information on where to find them — such as wills, beneficiary designations, prenuptial agreements, powers of attorney, and more


Saving a digital copy of your passport for just-in-case access while you are traveling overseas for an extended period of time