With Legacy Triggers from TriggerBox,
you can safely share your will, estate documents as well as sentiments and
photos long after you're gone.

Safe, Secure, Online Storage for Wills, Estate Documents and Much More!

Let your loved ones know you care...

When you're gone...leave a legacy that shows your consideration and care. The Legacy Trigger can provide access to your will, estate documents and other critical information to the people you care about most.

Got something you wish you would have said? Feelings? Regrets? Want to make sure your family photos are passed on? There's a triggesr for that.

Once you save content to the secure TriggerBox database, it stays put until the Legacy Trigger gets the signal to release it to your recipients.

So how does it know when to send the content? You just need to determine how frequently the system asks you to “check in.”

No response? Count on TriggerBox to deliver your lasting legacy.

Simply Put: the TriggerBox offers Legacy Triggers which provide safe, secure online storage for wills and valuable estate documents.

Use Legacy Triggers for:

Delivering timely last wishes, regrets, confessions, and sentiments — perhaps something you never had the courage to say


Preserving family history, such as genealogical data, family trees, and photos to be delivered in the future


Secure online storage of wills and estate documents and account information that can be shared with close friends and loved ones